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Are you ready to finally get to the ROOT of your health problems?  Maybe you have read about
the possibilities…Toxicity??  Infections??  H.Pylori??  Candida???  Food allergies / sensitivities??  
Adrenal Fatigue??  Thyroid, blood sugar, digestion, hormones???

If you did have a ROOT CAUSE diagnosis, what then?  There are thousands of nutritional
supplements, vitamins, minerals, glandulars, plant medicines, homeopathy, etc.!!  If you discover you
have yeast or candida infections, which remedy do you take??  How do you know if it will work?

For 20 years, I have been researching and practicing the best methods of
Root Cause diagnosis
and treatment of that diagnosis.  You are one step away from discovering your root cause, and the
best methods to remedy or resolve that cause.  It is our New Patient evaluation!  
We start with our New Patient Intake forms, which carefully listen to your body’s “story”
which is found in the history of onset and review of symptoms.  Do you know that symptoms are your
body’s method of communicating need?  If you need food, your tummy may grumble and you feel
hungry.  If you need sleep, your symptom is tiredness.  But what if you wake up tired…or can’t sleep
even though you feel exhausted?  These symptoms point to body functions that are out of balance
(your root cause).

Your detailed and thorough completion of our New Patient intake forms are as important as any other
diagnostic test!  

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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology,
and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in
Functional Neurology.  This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.
After your “story” is examined, your central nervous system is tested next.  Many people do
not realize that kinesiology or manual muscle testing is a nervous system exam, not a strength
assessment.  Your nervous system processes all stress and inflammation factors, and muscle function
is an assessment of nervous system  stress.  

You will be amazed at how your muscles respond to both stress factors and therapeutic
 You will “feel” how your body reacts to cortisol…or viruses…by weakening…and
responds with strength when we find the right remedy for you.  

When we complete your kinesiology exam, we send you off to the lab for one of the most
comprehensive blood tests you will ever have.  This test provides a quantitative analysis
(measured by value) of EVERY BODY SYSTEM.  It will clarify if your muscle testing response is to a
deficiency or excess.  It will reveal how mild or severe each body imbalance is…and ultimately
provides a list of everything that stands between you and amazing health and energy!

Our baseline lab was created to be the most detailed and affordable testing.  We offer many other
specialized tests that look further at food allergies, hormones, intestinal infections, and add on testing
for specific needs.  We have enough information to create a treatment plan with our basic labs, but
we encourage you to look through our “Lab List” or request any lab you have heard of…we
are willing to test anything you wish!  

I congratulate you on your decision to take action with your health.
dependent on feeling healthy and well…including your relationships, career, and happiness.  No other
investment will pay off so completely!  

Below, you will find our fee list for direct patient care.  If you are unable to come in for direct care due
to distance, we do offer consultations via phone and email.  Ask Laura for more details.

Our office fees are:
Initial Examination: 150
Follow up Visits: 15
Extended Examination: 19
5 (if your travel to our office is over 1 hour, we suggest the 90 minute exam)
Long Distance Consultation:
55 (Includes review of records and intake forms and a call to discuss
further testing options and consultation schedules)
CLICK HERE for more information on our long
distance programs

Lab Testing:
Multi-Chem Blood Analysis: 150 (This is our baseline testing, you can read about additional testing
options below, and Dr. Stone may recommend specific ones)

OTHER LAB TESTs are listed sure to read through them so you are aware of
what tests are available and what tests you would like to run.

Generally, we can schedule your initial evaluation within a week or two.  

We look forward to meeting you soon!  
Click on the form image to print and fill
these forms. Either drop them off or mail
them to us, so Dr. Stone can review them prior
to your initial appointment.  (Include any past
medical records or testing you want Dr. Stone
to review).  

If you are traveling an hour or more, please let
Laura know, so she can schedule more time
for your appointment

Is located on the LAST PAGE of the
intake forms.  The answers are
found on the video above,
the HOME PAGE and the articles
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